About Lawdingo

Lawdingo is the dead simple way to get a lawyer when you need one. Look, by the time you need a lawyer, you’re already having a bad day. So why add insult to injury by getting a lawyer the “normal way"? Shaming yourself by asking around for child custody lawyer. Humiliating yourself by talking to voicemails instead of lawyers. Getting ripped off because you don’t know what anything should even cost. That sucks, man.

But rejoice. For when you need to get some of that lawyer on your side, boy do we have a moronically simple process for you. Just tell us what you need in your own words (street slang, legal jargon, whatever you got), and if it’s a legit legal need or you’ve a mere 30 bucks to spare to get some instant legal advice, we’ll get the right lawyer for you to call you in 5 minutes. How? Well, that’s our little secret.

Yes, this isn’t your grandmother’s referral service. We don’t give you a few phone numbers to dial and peace out of your life. We take the time to learn about your legal need through a free conversation with a member of our staff. Gosh darn it, we care! If it’s just advice you need, we’ve negotiated the bargain rate of just $30 for up to a half hour with a licensed attorney in your state with relevant knowledge to your need. If you need to hire a lawyer, we’ll determine the what qualifications the lawyer who could help you would need to have, and get you some introductory quotes or consultations at no charge. Afterward, you can hire them right on Lawdingo with your credit card! If you need a local lawyer, for in-court representation or for local laws, we’ll hook that up too. Lucky you, we have lawyers just about everywhere.

So what about the attorneys? What’s in it for them? In a word, quality clients. We screen out the riff-raff, and make sure clients can either pay for legal advice or are in the market to hire a lawyer. To get a paying legal client, time is of the essence, and we connect lawyers to clients at the exact moment they’ve started looking for a lawyer. We handle all the marketing, screening, intake, matching, communication, payments, and follow-up so that lawyers can stick to what they’re good at in life: doing legal stuff!

Lawdingo is creating the connecting and transacting mechanism of the future for lawyers and clients, today. If we have our way, any relationship that doesn’t have to be face to face won’t be, and any person seeking legal help will have access to it. Solo and small practice lawyers will have a distinct advantage over their larger firm counterparts, and since there won’t be so much driving to lawyers’ offices, we’ll also solve global warming while we’re at it. So join us! Spread the word! Shout from mountain tops! We’re here to modernize the legal profession, and we need your participation, one legal consultation at a time.

Lawdingo was founded by a dude in NYC named Nikhil Nirmel. You can Google him if you must.