About [Law,Doc,Psych,Cash] Dingo

The Dingo Network gives people online access to professionals who sell their brain's unique way of solving problems. Our four brands; LawDingo, DocDingo; connect people with attorneys and physicians.

Think about the last time you tried to find one of these kinds of professionals. It was a hassle. You didn't know who to pick. It cost more than you thought it would. We've outlined the steps typically involved in this process, from categorization to communication to selection.

Dingo products make the most highly paid professionals accessible to the common man with no effort on said man's part. Simply tell us the issue you’re concerned about, and we'll get you the best mix of price and experience and availability. If the price is good with you, we’ll have the appropriate professional get in touch to discuss. If you need a local professional by preference or necessity, we'll get you someone near you, no problem; if working remotely is cool, you now have access to professionals throughout your state and country, as law permits. But this is already getting more complicated than you need to worry about. All the real-world issues of talking to secretaries, getting voicemails, negotiating, setting up a time to talk, comparing prices, determining licenses, availability, expertise, credibility, sending insurance claims, setting up payment plans, and so on we handle entirely behind the scenes with a proprietary blend of people, technology and spirit. You tell us what you need, and you get what you need. That simple. Sorry to stress you there for a minute.

For busy professionals, Dingo products are a godsend too. Ain't nobody got time to fill vacant time slots in your schedule with new clients. Nobody got money to spend on advertising that isn't likely to pay off. Dingo connects with your calendar, learns specifically where your expertise lies and where you're licensed to practice, and rewards you with more clients if the clients we send you report you did an excellent job for them. Provided it works out to a discount to our clients, we simply take a fee from transactions, thus making Dingo risk-free.

The Dingo Network was started in 2012, with Lawdingo being its initial product and Y Combinator its initial backer. Our absurd initial launch video is below. The company is founded and run by Nikhil Nirmel, an entrepreneur in NYC, with the rest of team being the best people in the world we can find, working from wherever in the world they like.

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