About Lawdingo

Lawdingo enables the instant sourcing of attorneys for individuals and businesses. We seamlessly integrate live support; matching, communication and payment technologies; and a network of thousands of licensed attorneys, to provide a reliable and hassle-free experience for hiring a lawyer.

For people seeking a lawyer, we have options for you. We offer legal advice from our attorneys at an affordable $50 for up to 30 minutes on the phone or a few emails back and forth. Second, if you need to hire a lawyer for something we can get you just the lawyer you need as quickly as possible. We can get you an initial consultation, a set of competitive quotes, or the names of lawyers you can contact - whatever you like. The beauty of Lawdingo is that our staff is here for you, entirely free of charge, to help you every step of the way.

For lawyers, we offer you the flexibility you want, the clients you need, and the technology you can use to your law practice humming. We ensure that clients are within your jurisdiction, have the means to afford legal services, and are aware of how lawyers work. Our attorney application process can take as little as a few days, while we verify your bar membership and gather feedback from your clients and peers. Attorneys are required to maintain overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients, so that we can ensure that the highest quality clients trust us with their legal needs.

Do help us spread the word, and tell your aunts and uncles about Lawdingo!