About Lawdingo

Lawdingo primarily provides paralegal services to attorneys. Secondarily we provide contract attorneys to law firms, and legal services to members of the public through partner law firms.

Our belief has always been that legal services can and should be delivered online. Face to face interaction is usually not required, online document sharing is well-established, and let's be real; no one likes driving.

Through our web product you can connect with the appropriate legal professional, assign them work, share documents, deposit funds, and keep track of their hours.

Our remote paralegal services are particularly popular among small law firms who can't quite justify having a full-time paralegal on staff. Common services provided include: legal research, drafting litigation documents, filing court documents, assisting with discovery and completing petitions. Across our network of paralegals we have expertise in all major areas of law. As this service remains relatively new, we only operate in the United States, and our coverage tends to be greater in the largest American states.

Legal professionals (paralegals and attorneys) are welcome to apply for membership and everyone else may create an account. And anyone, for any reason, should feel free to contact us.