About Lawdingo

Lawdingo is a startup company that tries to make the legal industry work better.
We started by connecting people to lawyers and in all likelihood that's why you ended up here. If you're looking for a lawyer, we can still help you, but these days we're focussed on connecting lawyers to paralegals. Lawyers use our paralegals to outsource the work they are too busy (or lazy) to do themselves.

We don't mess around. Our paralegals are seriously qualified, dare we say overqualified? With a required minimum of 15 years of experience, our paralegals can do any legal work that isn't legally required to be done by a lawyer. so long as the work is being done under the supervision of a lawyers.

So, if you're a lawyer at a law firm, company or government agency who needs some extra brains to get your work done, be in touch.