Meredith Mckell Graff

Meredith Mckell Graff

Meredith McKell Graff founded McKELL GRAFF, PLLC in 2003. She has an MA in English from Rutgers University and taught college writing prior to law school. She has a JD from University of Utah. She is trained in mediation, and negotiation. She has been a mediator in family law issues since 1983 and is Certified in Family Law with Washington Mediation Association. She is licensed to practice in UT and WA. She is also a Reiki Master, a certified Twilight Brigade end-of-life facilitator, and Ordained Minister with First Nation Church.
We charge a flat rate of $150 for our initial consultations, which usually run about 1.5 hours! Once we have determined the best course to take in your legal matter, we will discuss how your best course relates to our financial options (hourly at $250/hour for attorney representation in contested cases; flat fees for agreed cases; unbundled legal services; and "low bono" reduced hourly rates for incomes 125-150% above US Poverty Level).
Our goal is to help our clients resolve conflict peacefully!

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About Meredith Mckell
Vancouver, WA
State bar memberships:
Meredith Mckell's key practice areas:
Estate Planning
Power of Attorney
Will creation & inheritance
Child custody
Domestic violence
Elder law
Meredith Mckell's background:
Law school
University of Utah (Quinney)
Undergraduate school
Rutgers University, Newark, NJ
Years practicing
Meredith Mckell's flat fee services
  • Uncontested Divorce/Legal Separation ($1,500.00)

    Prepare all the court documents so that the client and other party do not have to go to court, file documents, present final court documents to judge, get certified copy for client for name change, record deeds with county auditor, send conformed copies of court documents to client and other party.

  • Simple Estate Planning Package ($950.00)

    Prepare will, durable powers of attorney for medical and financial, medical directive, Five Wishes booklet, all in organized three-ring binder with two sets of soft binder copies. Work also available for couples (couple rate), along with flat fees for specific estate planning documents (such as a will).

  • Step-parent adoption (agreed or other parent's whereabouts unknown) ($2,500.00)

    Prepare all court documents for termination of parental rights and adoption. Clients must appear in court for adoption hearing. It is a family-centered hearing and the court allows balloons, photos, family members, and noise! All outside expenses are billed above the flat fee (such as, court filing fee, investigator fee, certified copy fee, new birth certificate fee to state).

  • QDRO Preparation and Approval ($1,100.00)

    Obtain information, prepare domestic relations order, submit to retirement plan for pre-approval, make any required revisions, present to court for entry, obtain certified copy, submit to plan for formal approval. Reduced rate for current dissolution clients ($900).

  • Agreed Modification of Parenting Plan ($950.00)

    Prepare court documents, file documents, prepare final court documents, present final documents to court for judge's signature, obtain certified copy for client, if requested. Outside fees (court filing fee, court certified copy) not included.

  • Pre-Nuptial Agreement ($750.00)

    Meet with client to discuss typical terms of pre-nuptial agreements, determine specific terms requested by client, review law and any issues that could arise with terms, prepare draft for client review, notarize client's signature on approved final document. NOTE: Other party is not also represented by firm, can give other party referrals to experienced attorneys to review draft pre-nuptial agreement with other party, then notarize signature on final, approved document. The goal in our office is to resolve issues peacefully. We would never advise or prepare a pre-nuptial agreement that was not a fair agreement to both parties and which had the best chance of court ratification, if challenged later in a court of law.

  • Agreed Child Support Modification ($650.00)

    Prepare initial documents, including all financial documents required by court, file with court, prepare final court documents and present to court for judge's signature, obtain certified copy of order if client requests it (outside expenses not included, such as court filing fee and certified copy fee).

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